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  • Revenge of the Mekons!

    Revenge of the Mekons chronicles the unlikely career of the genre-defying collective notorious for being—as rock critic Greil Marcus notes, “the band that took punk ideology most seriously.” Anyone obsessed with art, literature, Hank Williams, punk rock and Americana can’t miss it.

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    The Great Invisible

    The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe affected the lives of millions of people who live on or near the Gulf Coast. To frame the tragedy in both painfully human and provocatively big-picture terms, documentary filmmaker Margaret Brown spent four years making The Great Invisible.

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    What can we tell you about this film? Well, words don't do it justice. It's the breakthrough feature by Austin's own Zellner Brothers, who pay homage to another fraternal filmmaking team – the Coen Brothers – in their spin on an urban myth about Fargo. Coming soon!

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    Scarlet's Witch

    Help us celebrate the East Coast premiere of the new film from Tallahassee filmmaker, F.C. Rabbath. Having recently had a sold out premiere in Hollywood, join us for this locally-produced feature about a young girl who meets a witch one day. Cast & crew present!

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    20,000 Days on Earth

    Drama and reality combine in a fictitious 24 hours in the life of musician and international cultural icon Nick Cave. The film is an intimate portrait of the artistic process, celebrating the transformative power of the creative spirit.

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    Presented as part of the New Faces of Film series, Hellion is the powerfully assured feature from FSU grad Kat Candler, who returns to Tally to screen and discuss the movie with us, adapted and expanded from her prize-winning 2012 short film.

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