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  • The Ladies of the House

    The Ladies of the House

    Celebrate the "drive-in theater" film aesthetic with a hilarious & campy debut from director John Stuart Wildman. A birthday outing with two brothers turns into a horrific fight for survival after they become trapped in a house with a “family” of malevolent women!

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    Hellion tile


    Presented as part of the New Faces of Film series, Hellion is the powerfully assured feature from FSU grad Kat Candler, who returns to Tally to screen and discuss the movie with us, adapted and expanded from her prize-winning 2012 short film.

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    HDN tile

    A Hard Day's Night

    After you celebrate the birth of America on July 4th, join us as we celebrate the British invasion! We’re making Tally one of the cities opening the fully restored, 50th Anniversary screening of the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, complete with a new 5.1 Surround Sound Mix.

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    IFLL tile

    It Felt Like Love

    One of the best indie movies of the year, this Sundance discovery captures with acute sensitivity the adolescent agony of Lila a lonely and ill-at-ease 14-year-old. We’re proud to present It Felt Like Love as part of our New Faces of Film series.

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    Floating Skyscrapers tile

    Floating Skyscrapers

    One of the first LGBT films to come out of Poland, this award-winning film is a beautiful and provocative look at the human condition. Honest and unflinching, Floating Skyscrapers is a story that explores love, the lack of it, and the consequences of seeking out its substitutes.

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    Othello tile


    Orson Welles is an icon of cinema, but it's his turn as Shakespeare's Othello that's as widely acclaimed as it is rarely seen. Completely restored from the original 1952 negatives, don't miss this gem of classic cinema, in all its HD restored glory on the IMAX screen!

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