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    June 26, 2012

    ‘The Flyboys’ Becomes a TV Series

    t2The Tallahassee Film Festival showed the film The Flyboys in our inaugural year at the festival, and it is now becoming a TV series! Follow this link for the latest development with The Flyboys feature film and view a special sneak preview of The Flyboys TV Series:


    Become a contributor and be the first to own the original uncut version of the award-winning film you know and love. This opportunity to own your own personalized screener of the film on DVD is for a limited time.

    The Flyboys TV series is taking off!

    Jason and Kyle are back, along with Uncle Ed and the rest of the cast in this modern-day Hardy Boys adventure. In the series, The Flyboys are seniors in high school.  The original feature film will be used in pieces for flashbacks during the TV show.  This provides the filmmakers with a unique opportunity: The two grown lead actors will actually be playing themselves as children when we flashback to their first adventure together…  However, only pieces of the film will be used in the TV series and the original version of the film will not be released until sometime later…  This is an opportunity for supporters of The Flyboys to have their own private screener of the film which will not be available anywhere else but the website above.

    Click on the link and become a contributor by choosing one of the many perks available…

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