August 14, 2018

Get to Know More About Wellness Is a Mindset of Empowerment There Is a Continuous

Wellness is a mindset of empowerment there is a continuous movement toward well being toward the full potential of one. Wellness involves the integration of distinct facets of wellbeing. There are 7 dimensions of health: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual Environmental, and Occupational. Health entails being attentive to behaviours, feelings, and your thoughts and learning to manage stress efficiently. Physical Wellness highlights engaging in activity, eating healthful foods, creating accountability for your own health care, caring and nurturing for your own physical being, and developing body awareness. Social Wellness entails contributing to community’s welfare. It includes using rhetoric abilities, creating connections, preserving respect toward others and self, and developing a support system.

Spiritual Wellness promotes discovering a sense of purpose and meaning. It involves learning to balance your needs. Intellectual Wellness encourages discovering your potential for sharing your presents, developing knowledge and skills, and participating in stimulating mental and creative activities. Environmental Wellness promotes by comprehending the impact of your discussion with the surroundings and nature living in harmony. It involves creating an understanding which well individuals can’t exist without viceversa and a healthful environment. It includes taking action to defend, nurture, and regenerate the environment. Occupational Wellness emphasizes participating in work that’s personally significant and consistent along with your passion, values, and life purpose.

It entails learning to balance work and leisure time. Wellness, therefore, is a continuous effort to live a meaningful life and reach for the full potential. In this conceptualization of health, one can live with sickness and still move toward one’s own optimum level of health. Not living one’s full potential might lead to increased stress, nervousness, internal conflict, and emotions of hopelessness. Learning to adopt wellness is a process that starts with becoming more aware of the things which we do, say, think, feel, and believe which are holding us back and keeps us stuck. After we become consciously aware of what’s keeping us stuck, we may learn more efficient skills to cope with anxiety and for responding to challenging thoughts, emotions, and situations. Then we may start to make far healthy selections which are consistent with our desire for health and wholeness. One can perform a quick assessment of that your general wellbeing by rating your current level of health on a scale of 1-10 in each dimension of health.

How prepared are you for change, and what step could you take today toward your optimum level of wellness? Jen Johnson is a mindfulness coach and consultant for creative individuals who want to live intentionally.

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