3 Tips For Forming A Rock Band

If you’re interested in forming a rock band but aren’t sure where to start, the following paragraphs will help you get in the game. There isn’t one right way, but there are a few essential elements that you should keep in mind. There’s also an immense importance in keeping the right mindset. Continue reading on for more details!

1 – The Only Rule Is…There Are No Rules!

When it comes to rock music, there’s a lot of room for experimentation. There are bands like Royal Blood for instance that simply rely on bass, drums, and vocals, bands like Sepultura that include Brazilian percussion, and progressive groups like Dream Theater with a focus on intricate arrangements and just as much spotlight on the keyboards as the guitars. It really goes on and on. There are plenty of classic examples of three and four piece groups, but you can go at it with many more or even just two members. You can also get away with playing just about anything you want within a rock context. There are really no rules, so just do what feels right!

2 – Combine Your Favorite Styles To Find Your Own

A lot of the most successful acts in rock music started out as cover bands. Pretty much every band out there is also the sum of their influences mixed up into a blender. If you don’t really know what to play or how to get started with finding your own sound, draw from what you hear. Even Carlos Santana has stated that his band got off the ground by merely doing whatever they saw others doing. By playing existing songs and even emulating other bands to some extent, you can eventually find your own voice.

3 – A Strong Band Honors The Collective

A lot of rock bands fall apart due to the egos of one or two members in particular. You have to honor the whole. Make sure you give a fair say to everyone once you start making decisions on what to play. While most bands do have some sort of leader that tends to take charge, the ones that make it at least make everyone else feel appreciated. A rock band is at its best when multiple people come together to add their own strengths to the music, so make sure you give everyone playing with you their due.

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