5 Best Kids Movies of 2016

Children movies were major hits both at the box office and with audiences in 2016. The continued popularity of children’s movies helps to draw more money into their production and many of the best kids movies of 2016 were of the big budget variety that had a little something for kids and parents alike. Here are the five best kids movies of 2016.

1) Finding Dory – following up on Pixar’s a Finding Nemo movie was a huge undertaking, but was bound to be a big draw at the box office and with merchandising due to the continued popularity of Nemo. Finding Dory did not disappoint with an plethora of new characters led by Hank, an grumpy octopus. In the movie Dory goes searching for her lost parents and Nemo and his father Marlin find themselves able to more accept their inner Dory and leave their worries behind. The film was a powerful story of family love and in how one can benefit by branching out and taking risks in life.

2) The Secret Life of Pets – Pets was a non Disney film to make the list and had a sharp wit and comedy that appealed to kids and parents alike. In the film, that was beautifully animated, a dog suddenly finds his home invaded by another dog who is owner gets to give him a companion. A number of adventures occur until he is finally willing to accept this new dog in his home.

3) The Jungle Book – The Jungle Book is the only live action film to make the list but it really navigates the quasi animated status due to the amazing technologies implemented by Disney in making Sher Khan, Baloo, and cast look and feel as if they are alive. While the original Jungle Book remains an animated classic, the humor that Bill Murray injects as the voice of Baloo and the beautiful animation drives the Jungle Book as a must watch film.

4) Zootopia – another film by Pixar was Zootopia which imagined a world run by animals ruled jointly by carnivores and herbivores alike, though some tensions remain. A bunny cop makes an alliance with a wily fox to get to the bottom of a missing person case and discovers and unlikely criminal trying to drive power towards themselves. While Zooptopia follows a familiar plot and storyline, it is infused with humor and interesting characters and leaves room for many sequels in the future. The film ends with a well sung song by Shakira, delightfully animated as an antelope pop star.

5) Trolls – Dreamworks had another hit on their hands with Trolls which provided a real fashion trend as well as a funny and quirky film for parents and children alike. Trolls had vibrant animation, a cute though somewhat vapid plot, but kept kids entranced the whole time at the beautiful world animated in the film. With snarky humor and a window into a colorful world, Trolls sneaks into a top five list for 2016.

Disney, and its subsidiary Pixar, again have dominated the list of best kids movies, but it isn’t because they stick to a tried and true method. Their movie offerings are diverse and with innovative plots and characters, even in sequels. This alone, along with their advanced animation, keeps them dominant at the top of top five kids movies of 2016.

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