5 Coolest Film-related Projects on Kickstarter Now

Kickstarter has become a finance house for many independent films and full movies. Actually, film and movie projects on Kickstarter are much more that that. They are celluloid creations built by virtual communities. It is really encouraging to build a project with crowdfunding and crowd interest as a warm community in action. There are so many great film projects, it is hard to narrow them down, but we have gone ahead and picked out 5 of the coolest film-related projects currently being funded by online communities.

1. Back Fork.
Picasso said, “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” This is an art piece that tells a story that is all too real and tragic in real life West Virginia. A grieving young Appalachian family becomes addicted to prescription pain medications. Josh Stewart made the film about the opioid addiction epidemic in his home state to try to bring understanding and action to find solutions through social change.

Who doesn’t want to live with humanoid cats? NEKO WORKS’ huge blockbuster visual novel series, NEKOPARA, is going to be turned into a full-length anime movie thanks to this Kickstarter project. Japanese designer and illustrator, Sayori, created this series so she could see her ‘doujinshis’ brought to life, not for the international fame she has finally received for her popular story world. The main two “catgirls” are Vanilla and Chocola. They provide all the fun and comedy you could desire.

3. The Mothman of Point Pleasant.
When it comes to urban tales of Small Town Monsters, The Mothman of Point Pleasant is one of the wildest stories that has endured for over 50 years. This Kickstarter aims to make a documentary film that reveals all known details of a sighting of a flying man-like creature in the Point Pleasant area in the mid 1960s. Interviews with original witnesses will be shown, as well as interviews with the media that covered the original story, and with some local citizens.

4. Southern Monsters.
This is a fun interactive fiction work will be made by Kevin Snow. It is set in Arkansas. Become familiar with cryptid forums, search for a monster in Fayetteville, and eat lots of pork rinds. There are lots of clues about the South Arkansas Monster. Some say it only skulks along the winding creeks. This is a deeply personal dark comedy that mixes a lot of regular life into a mix with “the strange” and weird. The creator drew his muse from Eraserhead, Suspiria, and Videodrome.

5. Islam and the Future of Tolerance.
With a focus on finding a way for foes to become friends, this documentary aims to tell a most important story. It will be a full-length film that shows how a very rare conversation between a atheist neuroscientist and a famous Islamic scholar. Harvard University Press published the book in 2016. This project is to get their important conversation released on film so the world may benefit from their example of effective tolerance.

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