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  • About Us

    What the heck is TFFxFAME?
    We’re the new Tallahassee Film Festival. A film, art and music experience. Call us TFFxFAME for short (the ‘x’ is silent!) We showcase the latest films and other groundbreaking arts events for the Tallahassee and regional audiences during the annual festival and throughout the year.

    Our Vision
    We aspire to be a nationally recognized film festival and an enduring local treasure – a widely anticipated, interactive hub of creative and community energy which also serves to continually increase the economic viability of the region through our year round presence.

    Our Mission
    We seek to present, through our annual film festival, as well as our year round varied slate of arts and cultural events, a world class celebration of the arts and entertainment that enriches the cultural, economic and social vitality of the region.

    Board of Directors
    Chris Faupel, President
    Bill Sittig, Treasurer
    Steve Dollar, Director
    Jerry Kidd, Director
    Jeff G. Peters, Director

    Creative Director
    (aka Slayer of Dragons )
    Chris Faupel

    Artistic Director
    (aka Duke of Earl )
    Steve Dollar

    Curator TFFxFAMExLGBTxFriends! Film Series
    (aka Sultan of Swing )
    Jeff G. Peters

    Operations Manager
    (aka Queen of Quintessential Coolness )
    Jennifer Ventura

    Director of Events
    (aka Marquess of Merriment )
    Kim McShane

    Volunteer Coordinator
    (aka Our Lady of Hilarity )
    Robin Yeatman

    Additional Staff
    (aka Ambassador of Awesome )
    Stephen Smith

    Ashley Earles-Bennett

    Get in on the ground floor! Volunteer today and help us – there’s opportunities for everyone! Email us at info@tallahasseefilmfestival.com to get on the list for our next event.

    A little bit of history on us…
    The Tallahassee Film Festival was developed in 2008 from a Knight Creative Communities Initiative (KCCI). Since then, the festival has brought Oscar winning films from the major festivals around the world to the Tallahassee region. Moving forward, the Tallahassee Film Festival is expanding its scope to become the Tallahassee Film Festival Film Art Music Experience (or TFFxFAME), producing not only an annual festival which includes film, music, visual and other interactive arts, but a year-round slate of events and arts offerings in the Tallahassee region.