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3 Tips For Forming A Rock Band

If you’re interested in forming a rock band but aren’t sure where to start, the following paragraphs will help you get in the game. There isn’t one right way, but there are a few essential elements that you should keep in mind. There’s also an immense importance in keeping the right mindset. Continue reading on for more details!

1 – The Only Rule Is…There Are No Rules!

When it comes to rock music, there’s a lot of room for experimentation. There are bands like Royal Blood for instance that simply rely on bass, drums, and vocals, bands like Sepultura that include Brazilian percussion, and progressive groups like Dream Theater with a focus on intricate arrangements and just as much spotlight on the keyboards as the guitars. It really goes on and on. There are plenty of classic examples of three and four piece groups, but you can go at it with many more or even just two members. You can also get away with playing just about anything you want within a rock context. There are really no rules, so just do what feels right!

2 – Combine Your Favorite Styles To Find Your Own

A lot of the most successful acts in rock music started out as cover bands. Pretty much every band out there is also the sum of their influences mixed up into a blender. If you don’t really know what to play or how to get started with finding your own sound, draw from what you hear. Even Carlos Santana has stated that his band got off the ground by merely doing whatever they saw others doing. By playing existing songs and even emulating other bands to some extent, you can eventually find your own voice.

3 – A Strong Band Honors The Collective

A lot of rock bands fall apart due to the egos of one or two members in particular. You have to honor the whole. Make sure you give a fair say to everyone once you start making decisions on what to play. While most bands do have some sort of leader that tends to take charge, the ones that make it at least make everyone else feel appreciated. A rock band is at its best when multiple people come together to add their own strengths to the music, so make sure you give everyone playing with you their due.

Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar And Enjoy Music For The Rest Of Your Life

For a while, it appeared that the electric guitar would push the acoustic instrument from existence. Rock and roll used all electric all the time and acoustic guitars seemed to take a back seat. Fortunately, this wonderful instrument has regained much of its popularity over the last several years. There are even all-acoustic stations on satellite radio.

This type of guitar has been around for many years and it is possible to find entire collections of nothing but acoustic guitar music. Today, songs and music with guitar and voice are very popular and all include the incredible riffs for which these guitars are known. And this type of guitar is very popular with songwriters.

Most classic guitars are considered to be acoustic. There are also guitars used in folk or country music which is considered acoustic. The term acoustic has also been used to describe other types of guitars including flamenco, classical, renaissance, and baroque guitars. The Dobro, a resonator guitar is also considered to be acoustic as are the 12-string and steel stringed guitars.

A quality acoustic is constructed from solid wood on the back, side, and top. Spruce is often used for the top and the rest of the guitar may be made from mahogany, rosewood or maple. When you see a vintage acoustic, they often seem like true works of art.

There are also less expensive types of acoustics and these usually have a solid top and laminated sides and back. A beginner acoustic may even be entirely laminated wood. Over the years, the better hardwoods have grown scarce, so manufacturers are using different, but still very nice woods or even manmade materials.

The strings on an acoustic are made of either steel or nylon. Steel-stringed acoustics are used primarily for folk, blues, and rock and roll music. Nylon strings are used mostly for classical guitar, although some artists like to use nylon on their 12-stringed guitars.

A need to increase the volume on the acoustic resulted in the development of an electric acoustic guitar. These instruments sound like an acoustic but may be electronically amplified for more sound. These are very popular with stage musicians.

Many guitarists will tell you it is better to learn how to play the guitar on an acoustic. Acoustic strings are thicker than electric and there is a little more space between the strings and the frets. This can make it easier for someone to learn guitar chords. Learning to play an acoustic guitar will be a lifetime skill and something you will grow to love.

Add Some Country Music To This Year’s Stocking

People like to take a break from everything they do on their regular days during holidays; this is because people love different things that would not only bring them refreshment but also memories and a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the home environment. Every year around some people would leave their usual music for a while and get together with their old friends for some early music discoveries. There is a myriad of programs that are designed to give people their favorite songs for the seasons. The holiday songs offer not only a refreshing moment but also a spectacular environment that would give you company and would make the holiday short with its beautiful tunes; they remind people of the old memories. There is a myriad of platforms that one would get their music; some of the radio programs give people highlights on which kind of music hey would like to for their holidays.

Nothing would be more thrilling than gathering with friends and family around a podcast and take the journey towards your favorite music from your preferred device. There is a myriad of country music that one can listen to and would give them company during the entire Christmas holiday. Unlike all the other kinds of music, country music does not bore as such; this is because most veterans like this sort of music such that their holiday would be meaningless if they are denied a chance to listen to them. When you want to get the most out of country music, it would be important to choose a one song per artist list

Since holidays come about with thrilling fun and utter nostalgia, country music is just your perfect companion as it evokes emotions and reminds you of the good times gone by and just how much you need to replenish that by having the fun of your life this holiday. It is psychologically true that music is one thing that helps makes your life relaxed. It is because listening to music closes the world of you and you have the peace of mind to concentrate on what involves you for once. Humanity has an innate attachment to music, and that is why a two-year-old toddler would be seen dancing to the beat of whatever music they would come across. It means that music has a role in giving one the peace they deserve within themselves and the same is true with all of us. This holiday, therefore, gives you a treat with the best 2016 country music and for once feel the pleasure it comes about with. Wondering just what kind of album collection you should buy? Well, don’t worry one bit.

The following are some of the compilations that hit this year round.
• Kenny Chesney – Setting the World On Fire
• Brett Young – Sleep Without You
• Luke Bryan-Move
• William Michael Morgan-I met a girl
• Florida Georgia Line & Tim McGraw – May We All it, however, is not the full hit country music this year.

The list is continuous, and you just won’t run out of something you will keep yourself busy. Christmas holiday is here, and the spirit is just getting right for some indulge in fun. Don’t forget to carry your stereo with you this time round. Country music is waiting to fathom and indulge you in happy moments.

Best Performances of 2016 Latin Grammy Awards

The T-Mobile Arena was the choice of venues at Las Vegas’ 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 18th. The level of entertainment expected was probably exponentially heightened because of the diversity of performances, including well-known artists and new additions to the genre. In fact, Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song awards were given to new group artists, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Best New Artists and Best Singer/Songwriter Album awards were given to singer/Musician Manual Medrano.

Thursday night’s show brought Spanish and Portuguese music performers to awe-struck fans numbering over 17,000; Latin music lovers did not disappoint audience-number projections, and are growing in number as musical Latin artists rise in popularity, and also in diversity of style and personality.

The show was all glitz sparkle, and was action-packed, highlighted with an appearance by J-Lo in a surprise musical reunion with ex-husband Marc Anthony. They together performed, Pimpinela’s “Olvidame y Pega La Vuela” (Forget About Me and Turn Around). Jennifer’s sparkling outfit resembled a diamond-beaded shawl, gracefully draped around her, lighting her on fire. Anthony was garbed in black-tie form, wearing Vuarnet sunglasses, looking high-end swag. He was voted 2016 Person of the Year from the Latin Recording Academy earlier this year, for which J-Lo awarded him with a kiss.

The awards for Song of the Year and Recording of the Year were awarded for the song, “La Bicicleta”, collaborated by Shakira, Carlos Vives and Andres Castro, native Colombian artists who edged out Enrique Iglesias and Jesse & Joy. Vives performed the song for an enraptured audience solo, as Shakira was unable to attend the event.

With his recording of “Encantadora”, Yandel won his awards for Best Urban Song and Best Urban Fusion/Performance.

The subject of President-elect Donald Trump’s bringing in a new administration was not lost as a conversation topic. Writer Mexico native Javier Tovar, for his collaboration with Agence France Presse, broached members of Banda El Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga, who won for Best Banda Album for “Raíces” with this question: “What are your feelings about a Trump presidency?” Lizárraga replied, “We think because God put Mr. Trump in this place, it’s for a reason, and we hope Mr. Trump can also make positive change.”

Jesse & Joy perform “Me Soltaste” was winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album.

The Cuban Flame Thrower, Cub’s pitcher Aroldis Chapman joined second baseman Javier Báez to give artists Gente De Zona, with an award for their Best Tropical Fusion Album, “Visualízate.”

Another notable performance was of “Safari”, by J Balvin, alongside Pharrell Williams, BIA and Sky. BIA shined as her version of trapetón came to millions of those watching in their homes, enriching their experience of how ultra-important these awards truly mean, to Latinos, Latinas, and the world of avid musical followers.

Juan Gabriel, singer/songwriter who passed away August at 66 years of age, posthumously received awards for Top Album of the Year and Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for Los Dúo 2.”

The Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences first broadcast outstanding achievement in Latin music in the millennial year of 2000. It was held in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center. The award recipients are decided by peers within the current Latin music industry.

2016 American Music Awards Performances

The American Music Awards is scheduled to air on Sunday night, November 20, 2016. There is a long list of performers expected to be performing and receiving awards.

Those performers include major names like Lady Gaga, Green Day and one of the all time favorites is Sting, who is recipient of the American Music Award of Merit award.
Those watching the show won’t be disappointed with the lineup, which includes a list of the following.

• John Legend will be performing his hit single “Love Me Now”.
• Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj will be singing their song, “Side to Side”.
• Shaw Mendes will do one of his hit songs.
• Niall Horan will be debuting his solo act by performing his song, “This Town”, since recently moving away from the group, One Direction.
• Twenty One Pilots will be performing “Heathens” and there is a good chance they may walk away with an award or two.
• The Weeknd will make an appearance with a song called Starboy.
• Justin Bieber is expected to be presented as a performer, even though he’s on the road with his world tour. He has also been nominated for several awards.
• Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar will be on stage with their new song “Don’t Wanna Know”.
• Lady Gaga will be one to watch as she performs her song, “Joanne”.

That is just a short list of some of the performers, others like Fifth Harmony and Shakira are expected to entertain the crowd also.

All these performers are no stranger to the music scene, and know how to put on a show that is pleasing to all that love to watch the award show.

The American Music Awards show is all fan voted and thanks to Dick Clark starting the award show in 1793, the lineup gets bigger and better every year. The show is a place where all musicians have a chance to be honored for their music, no matter what genre their music is in. Musicians from all over the world consider it an honor to not only attend the show, but also perform when they get the chance.

This year model Gigi Hadid and SNL’s Jay Pharoah will cohost the show. Lots of awards are expected to be given out for artists such as Adele, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce and Rihanna, and many others that have shown to have put out exceptional work in the past year. There is even an award for favorite video of the year.

With this kind of lineup and the music that will be coming out of the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, fans will not go away disappointed.

The American Music Awards show will air on ABC at 8/7c and Bruno Mars will open the show up. It is expected to be a night filled with plenty of good music and maybe even a few surprise performers. No matter if you are lucky enough to be in attendance or watching from the comforts of your own home, it will be an eventful night that will be talked about for many days to follow.